The Case of Valiant Thor

Valiant Thor circa 1957

I wrote the following article about a year ago, for  Since that time, I have received several emails from those who believe that the events as written are true, and from those who do not.   As it stands, the “Do Nots”, are in the majority, but not by much.  Therefore, I have decided to re-run this article, with some additions, to get the views of the readers.  So here it is:

Date: March 16th, 1957
Location: Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Claim: Extraterrestrials Meet with President Eisenhower

The book “Stranger at the Pentagon”, by Frank E. Stranges, claims that on this date, three extraterrestrials from the planet Venus, led by Commander Valiant THOR, landed in a farmer’s field in Alexandria, Virginia. Upon the arrival of Local Police, who were the first to respond, THOR requested to meet with The President, and was whisked away to the Pentagon where he initially met with the Secretary of Defense Neil H. McELROY.

After the meeting with McELROY, THOR was taken to the White House where he met with President EISENHOWER, Vice President Richard NIXON and the Joint Chiefs. It was at this meeting that THOR made it known to the group that he represented an intergalactic High Council, who were worried about the Earth’s nuclear capabilities and the possibility of the destruction of the human race brought about through nuclear warfare. THOR remained on Earth for a period of three years, in what appeared to be an advisory capacity. Although President EISENHOWER wanted to make the arrival and concerns of the extraterrestrials public knowledge, he was persuaded by NIXON and the Joint Chiefs not to do so.

Frank E. Stranges, a federal marshal and chaplain with top-secret security clearance at the Pentagon, claims he had first hand knowledge of this, and in fact had several meetings with Valiant THOR and his companions. STRANGES’ claims have been supported by Harley Byrd, the nephew of Admiral Richard E. Byrd, who worked for the Department of Defense from 1957 to 1963 and was assigned to Project Blue Book, the secret military program that investigated UFO reports, as well as members of President EISENHOWER’s family.

That’s it in a nutshell, The Case of Valiant Thor.

Given the political state of the world today and the ever growing threat of nuclear war, do you think that Valiant Thor and the Intergalactic Council are real or not? If you do believe they are real, is it time for them to step in again, or perhaps, are they currently doing so?

What say you?

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  1. I have believed in UAP’s since 1959 when my dad said he would not want me to tell my friends but he had seen a “flying saucer”…..

  2. Honestly, I’m completely torn. I’ve heard a podcast on this in detail which made a good case for it being true. I struggle with them saying Jesus was an alien. I really struggle with that. Otherwise, I believe there are UFOs and higher beings. I would highly recommend Ashley flowers podcast called supernatural. It’s on the subject and she goes into good detail to help Do you have a better understanding of the story.

  3. Well, I’m like, why me.why on my third birthday 3/16/54 and on my sixth in 60 !
    That looks like 666 to me. That I was born at Air War College, Maxwell AFB might have significance, where ded was teaching. Dr. Rodger Lier said, to me, the class of 52 and 53 were briefed on UFOs. No telling what he said to his pupils. He couldn’t tell me anything because his clearance was COSMIC Does not expire. So you see why I can’t easily dismiss this fantastic story!
    In addition to that at 13 and 14 I was present 2 summers in Boulder while dad, working for RAND, pulled strings behind the scenes. It was 27 years later (50th anniversary of Roswell) that I learned of my Father’s involvment. That’s when the shambles of my life started making some ‘Sense’!
    McCarthy dissertation, p.54 (My YOB) (Joe Fletcher and James McDonald in elevator at NASA). I should really write a book, called ‘Air Force Brat From Hell’ or ‘SOS Son Of Satan’. Dad’s was ‘Thor’s Legions’. He died in 08 in Sequim, Wa. as did Sheridan Cavitt before him. Hard to say which came up with the balloon nonsense but I flamed Charles B Moor’s ‘Crash at Roswell’, which dad vetted before publishing! ¶%^} ha ha, but seriously the 666 thing wierds me out.

  4. I am not a believer, not a devotee of UFO’s. and I agree with you on this

  5. I am not a believer, not a devotee of UFO’s. and I agree with you on this Okay.

  6. If this guy existed at all, then his mission was an utter failure as nobody changed their views on nuclear weapons. I think it’s a hoax from the religious front. It’s too religious to be believable in anyway whatsoever. It makes no sense at all from that point of view. I call total bullshit on the whole thing.

  7. Having read this story a few times, l felt why would a Christian have the name of a false god “Thor” the god of thunder.?
    But l don’t believe the dark side can promote the message of Jesus, as Valient did.
    Then we have Pastor Strange’s analysis of his meeting with him.
    lf we have demonic beings living here under the Earth, why not benevolant ones? – Philipines 2:10

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