Ghost Adventures – Enough Of The Bullying!

Zak Bagans host of Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures is a reality show that premiered on October 17, 2008 on the Travel Channel.  It follows a team of paranormal investigators, led by Zak Bagans, in their pursuit of evidence of the afterlife.

The show is now in its 15th session and I have to ask myself, has there ever been an episode of Ghost Adventures where host Zak Bagans didn’t bully a member of his team?  I honestly can’t recall.  I am sick and tired of watching his abusive behavior and amateur dramatics getting in the way of some solid investigations .  I know what you’re thinking, “Why are you watching then?” Truth be told, I’m enthralled by the cutting-edge technology they use, the places they go, and the evidence they appear to get.  I also appreciate the investigative skills of the rest of the team members, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, Jay Wasley and not to forget Nick Groff who left the team in 2014.  However, the thug-like antics of Bagans certainly sucks the life out of the show, no pun intended, so much so, that I have relegated the viewing of Ghost Adventures to the category of “If There’s Nothing Better On.”

I did watch an episode a couple of days ago on the DTour Channel. It was first aired on October 15, 2016, and it was entitled, ‘Reseda – House of Evil’.  This show left me deeply disturbed at the new level Bagans had taken his bully-boy tactics to.  Let me explain. 

Both Zak Bagans and Billy Tolley are in a house, reputed for its black masses and demons, and indeed have just witnessed a black mass moving inside a room.  Both Bagans and Tolley appear to be visibly shaken as they stand outside in the hall.  Bagans orders Tolley to go into the room.  Tolley refuses.  Bagans again orders Tolley to go into the room, and again Tolley refuses.  Bagans continues to pressure Tolley to enter the room until Tolley finally snaps, yells at Bagans that he can’t do it, and storms out of the house.  Of course, like in so many other episodes, Bagans blames the entity inside the house for his bad behavior.  What really saddened me, was that Tolley assigns blame for his outburst on the entity too, when it was patently clear that he had reached the end of his rope with Bagans.  It left me wondering if Tolley was told to say this in order for Bagans to save face.  Later in this episode, they are once again in the house, and Bagans, instead of stepping up to the plate himself as a true lead investigator would have done in the first place,  orders Aaron to go into the room where the black mass was seen.  Aaron, who is an awesome investigator, and who, unfortunately, is normally on the receiving end of Bagans’ abusive behavior, complies, and gets what appears to be some great evps.  Also in this episode, like a true bully, the cowardly side of Bagans is displayed for all to see, when, believing that the black mass is coming towards them, Bagans runs away and cowers behind Tolley.   Not for the first time I might add.

This type of behaviour is not unusual for Bagans.  His signature approach to investigating the paranormal is to provoke, and when the going gets tough, he voluntells others to put themselves in danger, or he puts them in danger himself.  The episode which aired on September 23, 2017 called “Golden Ghost Town” has a good example of this.

The Ghost Adventures team are reportedly in a ghost town that was once occupied by occultists.  Here, Zak Bagans finds it fitting to lock Aaron Goodwin inside a church after they believe they have witnessed paranormal activity there.  This is done despite Goodwin’s pleas not to do it.  Bagans, on the voice over states that’s Aaron volunteered to be locked in, which was obviously not the case.  Later on camera, Bagans boasts that he and Tolley have locked Aaron in the church, but doesn’t feel he is in any danger.  Aaron, after a while, manages to flee the church by escaping through a window.  Video evidence is then brought forward claiming to show a black mass moving through the church, unseen by Aaron.  So much for not being in any danger! 

There are countless other incidents where Bagans bullies and cajoles his team into doing things that he himself is too frightened to do. Bagans is a danger to himself, his team and to the name of reputable paranormal investigators everywhere. Frankly, in this era where we rally against harassment in the workplace, and bullying,  I am surprised that the networks allow this to continue. I’m sure that Aaron, Billy and Jay would make a formidable team and a better show without Mr Bagans.

What say you?

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  1. I noticed this to and quite frankly it angered me. His “I hate bullies in real & afterlife” is pure hypocrisy.
    Ì was disturbed at the one in the woods where kids were tied up. Think it was a nun drowned a child in the pool. Anyhow he put Jay in a room and boarded the door then left him. There was plenty of activity and Jay broke into a wreck. Surely you always pair up.
    Ì been open minded for years apart from UK’s Most Haunted. I have had some strange stuff go on at my home for couple of years. Mostly someone sitting on my bed (I am virtually bed bound paraplegic). 3am I done a recording and started to sing and asked out can you sing with me. This was on my mobile phone I must add but as soon as I finished the question a low voice said 3 clear words, “I can’t sing”. I could not believe I had actual evidence and I would take a lie detector to prove it’s genuine but I don’t care what others think anyhow. My dog is constantly so in tune with them. I move soon and will miss the calmness of the place.

  2. 100%. Every episode we watch my husband and I take bets on what creepy place Zak is gonna send Aaron to by himself.

  3. 100% agree with the fact that Zak is a bully. My husband and I just watched the episode from Gila Court House & Jail. He locked Aaron in a jail cell for hours. He was tricked into going into the cell. Zak gets so upset about being afraid of heights and close spaces. It’s not ok for anyone to bully him but if they do it to him he’s a big baby.

  4. Like the rest of you, I find it sad that Zak is so harsh with Aaron. I can understand why Nick left. I like the new gadgets that are shown as well. I think Zak is often very much a bully. He can dish it out but can’t take being afraid. Aaron is by far the better investigator. Zak gets his way by yelling at others and intimidation. It’s sad the show loses it’s credibility when he behaves in such a way. I do believe they get some really good evidence at times. Even with that said I think Zak is a some what good investigator and I do think he has good instincs were the paranormal are concerned.

  5. The reason your blog popped up is because I asked why Aaron, Billy and Jay don’t get a show on their own. I see EVERYTHING that people are saying here. I’m actually watching Golden Ghost Town for the umpteenth time. Why, I don’t know because I’m sick of self serving Zak.His cohorts come across so much more honest and caring people. He uses his “friends” and sometimes could be to their detriment.
    Don’t care for him anymore. Wish Nick would come back and they have a team without Zach. He won’t take second fiddle he’ll need to leave. He’s a BULLY.

  6. Funny I just found this while checking the interwebs to see how people react to how Zak treats the team after cheering Billy on for yelling at him in the episode you reference above. Zak’s need to be the center of attention, overdramatizing everything and bullying his crew make it hard to watch. I end up spending my time busting on him through the show. ie – how many ghosts is he going to proposition today or how many times is he going to try to upstage Aaron. I’ve lost count of the number of times Aaron comments on an experience and Zak will jump in with ‘me too’ and completely take over the moment.

  7. I agree! Aaron clearly says no so many times an Zak bullies him. Zak tries to justify the bullying in the name of science or self growth for the victim. Enough!

  8. I found this article because I googled “Zak Bagans sucks” ? he is a bully and he’s a drama queen who can’t stand when he’s not the center of attention! Would love a show with Aaron, Jay and Billy! Zak drags the show down with his bullying and constant need to put others on the team in danger doing something or being in a place he would not himself be in. Also… He is seriously such a narcissist that he bought himself a throne and parades around in only his own clothing line (which sucks too, btw)!

  9. I have watched nearly every episode since 2008. As a counselor, I am shocked and embarrassed by his bullying. He masks his fear by ordering others to face them on his behalf. In the rare instances that he confronts, it is almost always in a an aggressive way. I have seen his bold, cocky ways become a tad bit tempered over the years. But, it’s a shame that he thinks that’s how to win respect. I love Bill Chappel’s genius devices. I also love how Billy approaches investigations. Aaron seems sweet, and Nick was great, I wish them all God’ protecting white light,

  10. I totally agree with all previous comments. Zak has a great team. He is totally reckless and sadistic. He shows zero leadership or concern for their safety. I am horrified by the danger he repeatedly puts Aaron and Billy in for the sake of ratings. Hilarious b/c he is way too afraid to do the crazy stupid things he makes his team do; things no one would agree to do. It sucks because you know they don’t have a choice if they want to keep their jobs. Its ridiculous. No wonder Nick left. He had way to much talent to put up with it. Its too bad because the show could be so much better but the bullying and lack of professionalism compromises his credibility.

  11. His childlike behavior, bad grammar and narcissism really detract from the show.

  12. I also agree with everyone above Zach should grow a pair and stop letting everyone else stand in the way of danger I love the show but that upsets me

  13. Wow, thank you. Bagans or Bagains as he now wants it pronounced has a yellow streak as wide as Hollywood blvd.
    In one episode the team was investigating an old abandoned Mental Hospital Zak orders Nick to go inside the unit that used to store the dead bodies in, he then locks Nick in the box leaving Nick lying on a cooling board.
    They cut away and show a room with several beds all of a sudden Bagans aledgedly sees a Hulking shadow he then says look watch as it moves from left to right, I know all I could see was total darkness and no motion at all.
    Bagans then climbs on to one of the beds and is bouncing and strutting on it while asking the most lame question”are you angry or upset that I’m walking on your bed” what a complete tool I’m like what do you think captain obvious.
    The worst bullying occurred when they were in this Home of a couple that lived on the Pueblo Indian reservation, Bagans orders Arron to go into a trailer home after Arron confesses that hes getting feelings and fear that he’s never felt before. Arron being a good trooper obliges the tool and spend a good 10 minutes conducting evp and getting results,he then hears disembodied voices, a woman screams and then that of a little girl he freaks out and leaves, he’s had enough. Arron meets Bagans in the HQ where he orders Arron to go back in, Arron objects sighting I’ll feelings and extreme fear but Bagans ever the fearless leader mskes Arron do what he is afaid to do himself.
    Bagans is an overacting windbag, he is full of hubris and it is sickening and often makes him look bad if not amateurish. They’d be better off with Nick Groff and Bagans off the show.

  14. This man is a pompous asshat. He obviously has no idea how he is being perceived by the audience. His ludicrous and bullying behavior is SO embarrassing. Obviously the show’s formula is that Zak is the captain that sends his terrified minions into these uncomfortable situations. It is repetitive to point of stultification. You have exciting locations and an engaging group (minus braying Bagans). Get rid of him. The audience will thank you.

  15. I can’t even count the number of times that Zak has made Aaron go and do all the things Zak is too afraid to do. If I was Aaron I don’t think I could take the abuse. I also think Zak has put himself and others in danger by participating and allowing occultic rituals to be a part of the investigating. That is not part of a real paranormal investigation. God only knows what type of spiritual attachments the GA crew has.

  16. I just started watching it again and now remember why I quit. I agree with all you. Bagans is the biggest weenie! Thats how you lead from behind or with your behind I guess. Either way he needs to lead by example and not by bullying. I like Aaron well enough to keep watching. Surely Zak knows he is more of a turd than a star by now.

  17. This is so sad because it’s true! There’s not one episode I’ve watched where Zac isn’t bullying. I’m surprised it’s still on. Aaron definitely gets the bad end.

  18. I just googled “Zak Bagans is a bully” and this popped up. This is brilliant and couldn’t be more true. He is so nasty and bossy to his fellow investigators. It is really irritating and AMEN what a coward he is. I wish Aaron, Billy and Jay would start a show of their own because you know damn straight that Bagans would run scared if anything truly came in his path.

  19. If I were Aaron, Billy and Jay I would take all the public comments to the Travel Ch executive’s and get Zak out! I just watched the new eppisode of season premier tonight 2/23/19 and he did it AGAIN! He even knows he is doing it in the moment! How arrogant! He used a mocking voice telling anti bully ppl to savee their texts. Mocking us by using a baby voice saying “why do you always send Aaron? How come you dont do it yourself?” lol I find myself hoping he gets jumped by a spirt. Which is wrong but I’ve had it with that damn Zak!

  20. I really started out wanting to like this show. I was interested in knowing how some of the equipment they use works in the field. I can no longer make it through an entire show. As a supposed leader of the group, Zak shows no leadership skills, often hiding behind the others when things get hairy or sending the others off to do the actual ghost hunting. The episode that is on now, he just locked Aaron in a room that he can’t get out of until morning. I wish someone would do the same thing to him. He would cry like a baby. These are all the actions of a bully….and like
    all bullies are deep down just overgrown pussys. Here’s to you Zak, the biggest pussy on TV.

  21. I only saw one season – I think it was season 2 – and stopped watching because of the obvious bullying of Aaron and the way he talks to women. You guys say you hate it, but what do you do about it? You can’t even not. watch. the show – the easiest thing you do. Don’t say you are tired of something when you are actively supporting it. It’s lazy and it’s hypocritical.

  22. Hi Michelle, I continue to watch the show, from time to time, as stated because I appreciate the other team members, the equipment they use and the evidence they find. I would never encourage a boycott of the show, for if successful, it would negatively affect the other team members who deserve better than that. I truly wish that they would get rid of Mr. Bagans and leave the others to get on with it.

  23. This article is so spot on. I used to love this show, but the bullying, particularly of Aaron, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Zak puts on the drama so much, it just seems so fake. Poor Aaron. The show would be amazing if he was the lead investigator.

    I, too, always wondered why he wants to send someone else into the really scary places alone. You would think he’d want to be leading the charge.

    He is VERY clearly a narcissist.

  24. I like watching Ghost Adventures, I’ve watched it for years because I like to watch the different places they go to investigate. But I’ve always thought Zak Bagans was a dick. A few years ago, my family and I went to Gettysburg and while we were there we took a ghost walk tour at night throughout the town which was pretty cool. While on this tour, I happen to start talking with our tour guide and we got on the topic of Ghost Adventures having filmed an episode there at Gettysburg and I asked her if she got to meet any of them. She said that she did and she said Zak was a jerk. Saying that he was very arrogant and full of himself, but said that Aaron and Nick were two of the nicest people you would meet. I have to admit hearing her say that about Zak did not surprise me. Lol.

  25. Not only does Zak bully sweet (and funny) Aaron but he “shushes” him all the time too. When Aaron comments on a noise or voice they hear, Zak always tells him to “shush” and then takes over the commentary himself. It would be great if The Travel Channel knew how the Ghost Adventures audience perceives Zak. He may be the “star” of the show, making him feel entitled to bully Aaron but, if Aaron were to leave the show, so would half its audience.

  26. So happy to see I’m not the only one who saw these things and reacted. I found these post because I goggled “ ask Bargans- narcissist

  27. I agree. Glad to see that there’s plenty of people who share the same mindset on him. It took me a while to get through the article just because I felt sickened about Zak’s behavior. The problem being, my family loves watching it but I absolutely hate Zak’s behavior.

  28. I do not believe in ghosts, but I love mystery shows, and YES it is very offputing to see this jerk do this all the time. I like people like Aaron who from the very start was always a kind dope who is too nice. Another place you can see this is IN this Golden Episode, where they think they have someone in town, and Zack screams “you should not be here!” and other aggressive insecure bullshit. While Aaron just says “Hey, it’s okay if you’re in there, you’re not in trouble, please come out. You can just leave”.

    From a person who did searches for people in restricted areas, I can tell you that the latter is far more effective and safe than the former. If you have an intruder, being aggressive arse will get you in trouble. The person who is trespassing will keep hidden until they can’t any longer and then come out swinging. Were as you assure them that they have been found and that it’s going to be okay, things can’t be helped now anyway, will resolve the situation quicker and more peaceful.

    In this case either Aaron had experience with these situations or is just more sure of himself as a person and no need to act all tough. That said I do think the town was messing with them and like with the walkietalkies and the breathing, it is an easy scare you can pull on a few people :P.

    But all “fun” aside, Bagan shows clear signs of insecurity and narcissism, he clearly is a bully and has been setting off alarm bells since the very first time I saw the show. He simply is not a person you wish to befriend.

    Another example real quick: The Green mile in that Asylum 42 episode? Here he calmly walks to Aaron with a light in his back, claiming later that he didn’t know. He knew fully well that Aaron would see a silhouette of a person walking towards him! You can see it from the smirks when he starts walking and how he walks towards him making sure the light is behind him. This caused a lot of pain within the victim he did his prank on and he should feel bad. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, a silhouette walking towards you will always startle you. But again it was another clear sign of his bullying mannerisms and a clear sign that he intended to cause harm, discomfort and emotional pain in others.

    The man is a bully plain and simple.

  29. Zak might be able to gain some respectability if from this point on would do what he expects of his crew. It will need to be a complete change of heart. Respect their wishes and don’t ride them. I think that Zak is probably too far gone and has had too many “yes men” all around him to be able to tame his own attitude. Here’s wishful thinking.
    As a side note: it would be great if one of our many networks would offer Aaron, Billy and Jay their own show. Maybe bring Nick back to work with them!

  30. Not only does he bully hid team, but he makes them do all the dangerous things. Not once have I seen him be the one to take the risk. Like the “zozo” episode. Nick asked him to try the oujai board, and he snapped saying don’t start that me shit. Funny he’s suppose to be the leader but makes his whole team take all the risks. I honestly don’t know how they can stand being around him. I used to love Zack, now I have ZERO respect and think he is a pussy that has no business being a real paranormsl investigator . Good look and good acting sells, only reason he has this dhowe is because of his money. His team is what makes this show PERIOD. Let’s see what he does without them than I’ll change my opinion. He’s a little boy in a grown man’s body.

  31. I googled “is Zak bagans an asshole in real life?” And pretty much everything I read said yes except for one lady who said he was nice. I think he’s a total douche! In every single episode he steals the spot light..if Aaron or billy or jay are being affected then immediately Zak starts talking over them saying “oh I’m feeling it now! I’m so angry! I’m having rage but I’m containing it! Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit..” he literally disgusts me. He thinks he is the shit and I get the impression he thinks he’s gods gift and that every girl would love to jump on his d*** but I’ll tell u that 95% of the girls would jump on Aaron’s just bc he seems so nice and down to earth and authentic where Zak seems like a whiny pussy who can’t stand when anyone else gets two seconds of camera time besides him. Who even cares about him locking people in places they don’t wanna be, I think worse than that is how he talks to everyone and makes them feel like they need to apologize to him and blame it on an entity for their aggression for him being a total douche and bucking back at him for it. Zak bagans, you suck and if it weren’t for Aaron ur show would be trash.

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