The Black Knight Satellite – Blanket or Probe

Black Knight Satellite

NASA and naysayers alike would have you believe that it is a thermal cover that was lost during the construction of the International Space Station in December of 1998. On the other hand, Ancient Astronaut Theorists will tell you that it is a 13,000-year-old alien probe that has been sent here to monitor life on Earth.

What is it I’m talking about this week?  None other than the infamous Black Knight Satellite.

I’ve spent a bit of time reading other’s thoughts on the Black Knight Satellite, those for the alien theory and those against.  I’ve also spent an equal, amount of time looking at the NASA photographs, like those on this page, of this strange and eerie object orbiting the planet.  And to be quite honest… I’m baffled. However, I do have an opinion though, but I could be easily swayed to cross the proverbial floor on this one. I’ll share it with you at the end of the article,

First up, the case for the thermal blanket.

During the STS-88 Mission in 1998, the space shuttle Endeavour would take the first American module, the Unity node, to the International Space Station for installation.  As we know now, the mission was a success, but there were a couple of hindrances along the way.  One of these hindrances being the loss of a Trunnion Pin Thermal Cover that had floated off during installation.  A video recorded by Endeavor has been released, showing the “Thermal Blanket” falling away from the shuttle.  That wasn’t the only thing to “get away” during this mission, the loss of the thermal cover was in fact the third such object, a socket tool and an access panel had preceded it. However, it would be the thermal cover that would cause the most disruption, albeit in the eyes of the Ancient Astronaut Theorists.

That’s it. Short and to the point.  The evidence, in a nut-shell, for the mysterious object being a “Thermal Blanket”.

Black Knight Satellite 2

Now, over to the case for the alien probe.

The Ancient Astronaut Theorists’ case begins, not in 1998 as you would suspect, but in 1899, strangely enough.  Let me explain.  Back then, Nikola Tesla, famed Serbian engineer (both electrical and mechanical), physicist, and inventor, while running a series of tests, heard, what was described as ‘strange rhythmical sounds’ emitting from a radio receiver. After more tests and much contemplation, Tesla concluded that the sounds were not natural, and might be under intelligent control, perhaps coming from Mars. In 1927 Jorgen Hals, a Norwegian civil engineer and amateur radio enthusiast, while using a shortwave receiver noticed that his signals were being reflected back to him. Today, we call these LDEs or Long Delayed Echos the cause of which is yet unknown. Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that the Black Knight Satellite is the cause of the rhythmical sounds and returned signals.  Since these early days there have been reports from Russia, U.S. and Europe of alien satellites in Earth’s orbit.

Now, where does the 13,000 years come from?

Well, Duncan Lunan, a Scottish author, researcher, and broadcaster from Troon, in 1973 released an article claiming to have deciphered a hidden radio message sent by an alien probe that was orbiting our moon.  He had found this message while reviewing research into Long Delayed Echos, conducted in the 1920s by Dutch and Norwegian researchers.  Translated, the message provides directions to the planet Epsilon Bootis, where it’s claimed the probe originated from.  Lunan, from the instructions of the decoded message, realised that the star system on the map he had drawn was unlike the star system in the sky at that time, 1972. He was then able to trace the star system as described in the message back 13,000 years.  However, in 1976 Lunan withdrew his theory only to re-interpret part of it in 1998.

There you have it.  Both cases. Very much summarized.

Where am I in all of this!

I very much believe that we are not alone in the universe.  To think otherwise would be, in my opinion, conceited.  Do I think we have been visited by extra-terrestrials?  Yes, I do.  The proof to me lies in the advanced engineering of things such as the sphinx, the great pyramids, the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, Teotihuacan and Puma Punka, to name but five of many such wonders.  Engineers today marvel at these awesome structures, and openly admit that they are mystified as to how they could be built back then, citing that we do not have the means to replicate some of these marvels here in the 21st century. But do I believe that the images shown in this article depict an alien probe sent here to surveil us? I hesitantly say “No”. I feel the NASA video footage does lend credence to it being a thermal cover, at least comparing it to the image in the second photograph shown above.  As for the image in the first photograph, I’m not too sure.  But knowing that there are approximately 500,000 pieces of space debris being tracked as they orbit the Earth, I would need stronger proof to side with the Black Knight Satellite theory.

What say you?

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