Ghost Adventures – Enough Of The Bullying!

Zak Bagans host of Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures is a reality show that premiered on October 17, 2008 on the Travel Channel.  It follows a team of paranormal investigators, led by Zak Bagans, in their pursuit of evidence of the afterlife.

The show is now in its 15th session and I have to ask myself, has there ever been an episode of Ghost Adventures where host Zak Bagans didn’t bully a member of his team?  I honestly can’t recall.  I am sick and tired of watching his abusive behavior and amateur dramatics getting in the way of some solid investigations .  I know what you’re thinking, “Why are you watching then?” Truth be told, I’m enthralled by the cutting-edge technology they use, the places they go, and the evidence they appear to get.  I also appreciate the investigative skills of the rest of the team members, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, Jay Wasley and not to forget Nick Groff who left the team in 2014.  However, the thug-like antics of Bagans certainly sucks the life out of the show, no pun intended, so much so, that I have relegated the viewing of Ghost Adventures to the category of “If There’s Nothing Better On.”

I did watch an episode a couple of days ago on the DTour Channel. It was first aired on October 15, 2016, and it was entitled, ‘Reseda – House of Evil’.  This show left me deeply disturbed at the new level Bagans had taken his bully-boy tactics to.  Let me explain. 

Both Zak Bagans and Billy Tolley are in a house, reputed for its black masses and demons, and indeed have just witnessed a black mass moving inside a room.  Both Bagans and Tolley appear to be visibly shaken as they stand outside in the hall.  Bagans orders Tolley to go into the room.  Tolley refuses.  Bagans again orders Tolley to go into the room, and again Tolley refuses.  Bagans continues to pressure Tolley to enter the room until Tolley finally snaps, yells at Bagans that he can’t do it, and storms out of the house.  Of course, like in so many other episodes, Bagans blames the entity inside the house for his bad behavior.  What really saddened me, was that Tolley assigns blame for his outburst on the entity too, when it was patently clear that he had reached the end of his rope with Bagans.  It left me wondering if Tolley was told to say this in order for Bagans to save face.  Later in this episode, they are once again in the house, and Bagans, instead of stepping up to the plate himself as a true lead investigator would have done in the first place,  orders Aaron to go into the room where the black mass was seen.  Aaron, who is an awesome investigator, and who, unfortunately, is normally on the receiving end of Bagans’ abusive behavior, complies, and gets what appears to be some great evps.  Also in this episode, like a true bully, the cowardly side of Bagans is displayed for all to see, when, believing that the black mass is coming towards them, Bagans runs away and cowers behind Tolley.   Not for the first time I might add.

This type of behaviour is not unusual for Bagans.  His signature approach to investigating the paranormal is to provoke, and when the going gets tough, he voluntells others to put themselves in danger, or he puts them in danger himself.  The episode which aired on September 23, 2017 called “Golden Ghost Town” has a good example of this.

The Ghost Adventures team are reportedly in a ghost town that was once occupied by occultists.  Here, Zak Bagans finds it fitting to lock Aaron Goodwin inside a church after they believe they have witnessed paranormal activity there.  This is done despite Goodwin’s pleas not to do it.  Bagans, on the voice over states that’s Aaron volunteered to be locked in, which was obviously not the case.  Later on camera, Bagans boasts that he and Tolley have locked Aaron in the church, but doesn’t feel he is in any danger.  Aaron, after a while, manages to flee the church by escaping through a window.  Video evidence is then brought forward claiming to show a black mass moving through the church, unseen by Aaron.  So much for not being in any danger! 

There are countless other incidents where Bagans bullies and cajoles his team into doing things that he himself is too frightened to do. Bagans is a danger to himself, his team and to the name of reputable paranormal investigators everywhere. Frankly, in this era where we rally against harassment in the workplace, and bullying,  I am surprised that the networks allow this to continue. I’m sure that Aaron, Billy and Jay would make a formidable team and a better show without Mr Bagans.

What say you?

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