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Yes, I believe that there are real mediums out there.  Have I ever met any? Sure I have, and it never ceases to amaze me the accuracy of the information they are passing on.  But those mediums are not the focus of this article, we’ll discuss the awesome work they do another day.  My focus this week are the charlatans. Those who claim they are the real thing. Some of whom are convincing, some of whom, not so much. Thankfully, I’ve never been in such an emotional state that I would be easily fooled. But I have seen those who are, and it’s heartbreaking.  Tune into any medium’s television show and you’ll see an audience full of people in this emotional state, and no different from individuals who have private readings.  They are all there for a reason…They believe that the medium, be they psychic or otherwise, has the ability to put them in touch with their departed loved ones, and some can, and some will.  And I’m sure that most, if not all, of these people have told themselves that they won’t be fooled, and have committed to not revealing anything about their loved one to the medium without them first bringing it up. But they inevitably do.  Because they need to believe.  They need to connect.  They need to be forgiven. They need to be reassured.  Whatever the reason(s), they will unconsciously give it up.  They are vulnerable.

I once watched a medium walk on stage, sweep their hand over a section of the audience while saying, “I have someone here whose passed… An older male… His name begins with the letter ‘P’… I feel back pain.. His passing had something to do with his back.”  A teary-eyed woman puts her hand up, and says, “My Bob died of lung cancer, it could be him!” The medium goes on to ask a couple of more questions/statements to appear to ascertain that she has the right person for whom the message is intended.  “Bob was a tall man. Taller than you. Wasn’t he.”  “He loved you very much, but didn’t always show it. Is that right”. “There were times when your relationship wasn’t always a bed of roses. Is that correct?”   “I feel a heaviness in the chest area, a shortness of breath.” “He lost a lot of weight didn’t he.  He’s showing me this.” The medium continues with this line of questioning, and then finishes with “Bob wants you to know that he is happy on the other side, and that he is watching over you.”  The audience erupts into fervent applause, while the bereaved woman sobs uncontrollably into a handkerchief.

How many of you when reading the questions above, saw them for what they truly were?  Generalized statements utilized to deceive.  Pretty easy to spot wouldn’t you say. No, not through the fog of grief they’re not.  For anyone reading this who may be in that unfortunate circumstance, or may just not be seeing it, let’s break these questions/statements down:

“His name begins with the letter ‘P’” – Bob doesn’t start with the letter P, neither does Robert.
“Bob was a tall man. Taller than you. Wasn’t he.” – There is a greater chance that a man is taller then a woman.
“He loved you very much, but didn’t always show it. Is that right”. – Men, for the most part, are less likely to show emotion.
“There were times when your relationship wasn’t always a bed of roses. Is that correct?” – All relationships have their ups and downs.
“I feel a heaviness in the chest area, a shortness of breath.” “He lost a lot of weight didn’t he.  He’s showing me this.”  – The symptoms stated by the psychic are totally correct, but only because the widow admitted up front that her Bob had died of lung cancer.  Even the symptoms are fairly generalized.

Pretty obvious now what’s going on here, is it not?

As I said, and I want to make this clear, not all mediums are charlatans, but they are out there.  So, what can you do to protect yourself?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Give yourself time to grieve. No matter how much it hurts, you will get through this. Surround yourself with family and friends.  Even consider visiting a grief counselor.
  2. When the time is right, and before going to a psychic medium, find out from other people about their experience with the medium, but don’t get caught up in their enthusiasm as they may have been fooled.
  3. If the psychic medium asks a lot of leading questions, then chances are they are not the real thing.
  4. Beware of mediums who give you vague or general messages and do not provide accurate evidence.
  5. If arranging a private reading, ask for a money back guarantee. A reputable psychic medium should not have a problem with this.  After all, mediums are humans too.  They may be having an off day.
  6. Take a friend with you who is not emotionally invested and will ensure that you do not unwittingly give anything away, and at the very least can let you know if you did.
  7. Let the medium do most, if not all the talking.  Only verify that which is true, and do not try to fit a square peg into a round hole.  If what you are being told is wrong, don’t make it fit.
  8. Take notes or if you have a friend with you, let them take the notes. Some mediums may allow you to record the session, some will even record it for you and forward it to your email address.

At the end of the day, finding a good psychic medium is no different than that of finding a good therapist.  Do your homework.

What say you?

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