Are There Angels Around Us?

Do Angels Really Exist? 

This is a question that I am sure many people, including myself, has pondered over on more than one occasion.  Being raised a Roman Catholic, I was introduced to the idea of Angels at a very young age, a concept that was reinforced through-out my church and school years, and continues today.  Angels are depicted everywhere in society, cemeteries and graveyards are full of their conceived likenesses.  Try touring a traditional art gallery where there aren’t one or two paintings of these perfect, winged beings hanging on a wall.  As a child I believed without question that they existed, as an adult I still do, but not blindly.  Looking at the world today and seeing the killings and the hunger it leaves me wondering whether there really is a supernatural being tasked to watch over my every move, to guide me and to protect me.  There are days when I believe and days when I have my doubts. 

So, do angels really exist? According to Lorna Byrne whose documentary I happened to stumble upon on YouTube (and has encouraged me to write this multi-part blog) entitled “Lorna Byrne: The Lady Who Sees Angels Documentary Master”, (see below for link), they most certainly do!   

Lorna Byrne 

Lorna, born 1958 in Dublin Ireland, reports that she continuously sees and communicates with Angels, and has done so ever since she was a baby.  Growing up in Kilmainham and Ballymun, (both suburbs of Dublin), Lorna led a difficult and impoverished life, but is now known as an international bestselling author, with seven books under her belt, and an activist who travels the world telling of her experiences in order to foster peace.  

Guardian Angels 

Lorna claims that God created the angels, and that she communicates daily with her guardian angel, whom she physically sees.  She also sees ‘our’ guardian angels, stating that each and every one of us has their own guardian angel who love us and never leaves our sides for a moment. Furthermore, these angels protect us because we each carry a piece of God’s light (the soul) within us.  When our mortal body dies, we, the light, are then accompanied by our guardian angel to meet our maker.   As much as I would dearly love to believe this without doubt, I can’t, and for so many reasons, some of which I’ll touch on.   

As I write this, the world’s population is at approximately 7.5 billion.  So that means there are an equal amount of Guardian Angels, created by God, on this earth.  This number does not include what Lorna calls “The Unemployed Angels” (angels that are called upon to carry out specific tasks).  My first thoughts are, “Why are we here then? Why does God need us to carry his light?” If there are indeed ove 7.5 billion Guardian Angels here on Earth, why can’t they carry God’s light? What does God need us for?  It can’t just be for company; he has billions of angels for that.  What is so special about us?  We can rule out because God created us, he created them too! 

If Guardian Angels protect and guide us, why is there such things as murder, rape, war, poverty, hunger… you get the picture.  I guess one could argue that along with life, we were given the freedom of choice.  The freedom to make our own mistakes, and to learn from them.   

Lorna indicates that we, along with the angels, choose our parents before we are born on this earth.  This means to me, and I have heard it argued before, that we are part of the planning process in which we plot a course through life on Earth that will enable us to learn the necessary lessons in order to ascend to the highest level of spiritual existence. What if we don’t learn all of those lessons? Well, to me, that’s where reincarnation comes in to play.  

Bringing this subject up is opening a Pandora’s box.  There are so many deep-seated beliefs and fears waiting to spew forward and engulf the messenger, that it takes a special someone to go public with their experiences in this matter.  Thank you, Lorna Byrne, for being one of those people.  I hope we meet one day for I would value your opinion on the million and one questions I have for you. 

What say you? 

For Your Consideration 

Picture obtained from Pixabay. 

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  1. Of course there are Angels. Anytime I am channeling with a young child in Spirit, they are always accompanied by an Angel.
    When I was in my early 20’s I lived in Clarkson and took the GO train to work in Toronto every day. Once day, on the way home, there were no seats and I had to sit on the steps. An older gentleman sat beside me and proceeded to tell me things about my future and to assure me that I would be okay. Something distracted me and when I looked back, he was gone. To this day, I believe he was an Angel sent to give me the reassurance I have needed over the years.

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