Ghost Hunter vs Paranormal Investigator

What is the difference between a Ghost Hunter and a Paranormal Investigator?

This is a question that comes up from time to time, and although, for the most part, there can be little or no difference between the two, when comparing investigative methods, I abhor being called a “Ghost Hunter”, and will correct anyone that refers to my team or I as such. Although my reasons for not wanting to be connected with this term could appear, at face value, to be that of semantics, it is actually the negative connotations associated with the term hunt, and all its suffixes, (used in reference to seeking the paranormal), that has me cringing. This, and my unwavering belief that anyone who calls themselves a Ghost Hunter does so out of bravado, ignorance or both.

So what is the difference between Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators? To answer this, look at some of the synonyms for the word Hunter (Stalker, Trapper, Woodsman) to see that it has nothing whatsoever to do with what these persons/teams are doing, at least I hope that to be the case.

Therefore, are those who call themselves Ghost Hunters so disrespectful that they only see the spirit world as their prey, something to be hunted down for their own amusement? Unfortunately, my first hand and on-line experience has led me to believe this is the case for so many self-proclaimed Ghost Hunters. Further more, their investigative tales shows them to be ill-prepared, and who, on a whim, will explode onto a location demanding the spirits (which they find in every noise, shadow, and recording they come across) perform for them like trained monkeys.

If an individual or team calls themselves Ghost Hunters, and everything written above does not apply, then perhaps Paranormal Investigators is a much more accurate term. Paranormal Investigators are people who are respectful of the afterlife, who are there to communicate with Spirit, and if possible, help if needed. They are people who analyze what is happening around them, and with an open mind examine all possible evidence they obtain, rejecting all evidence they are unsure of or that they can replicate. They are people who do thorough research before and after each and every investigation, because at the end of the day they want to be seen as dedicated, professional investigators, who can be called upon to conduct serious paranormal investigations.

North Cornwall Paranormal said it best in a post they published on Facebook:

Being a real Paranormal Investigator isn’t about running around screaming or negatively provoking reactions. It’s about finding break through evidence, seeing beauty in historical places, helping those in need, talking to souls from the past and hearing stories lost in time.”

What say you?

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